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Fulton Trotter Architects is an enduring architectural and interior design practice. We have evolved through successive generations because we focus on long – term outcomes in every aspect of our work.

We have offices in Brisbane and Sydney and work across Australia, in regional and urban areas. We offer master planning, architectural and interior design services, and more.


We are proud to offer full architectural services and will work closely with you through every phase of your project from strategic master planning, through design, documentation, contractor selection, and contract administration. Together we will create unique spaces that fulfil your requirements and enrich your community.


Throughout the design process we will make thoughtful decisions with your organisation’s best interests in mind.

We will research, test, challenge, innovate, and question. We will use imagination and experience to solve problems. We will respond to complexity with simplicity.

We would love to hear from you about your next project.

Architecture for communities

Our belief in community applies to both our design approach and our work culture. We enjoy working with people who share our values. We collaborate with a variety of clients across a range of sectors including education, aged care, senior living, health, community, cultural, housing and commercial.

The depth and diversity of our work adds insight and value to our understanding of your brief. In our experience the solutions and innovations we discover in one sector often inform and enrich our approach to another. Rather than reacting to trends, we aim to influence them. We will apply our collective learnings to your project to achieve a seamless design process and a better outcome for your community.


From our clients

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