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Paul Sekava

Paul Sekava

Director | Brisbane

One of Paul’s greatest assets as an architect is his ability and willingness to listen to his client. His projects benefit from the sensitive approach he takes to design, especially in response to the needs of its user.

During the 24 plus years he has been with our practice, Paul has contributed to the delivery of many large-scale, multi-stage projects across the cultural, education, aged care, multi-residential and commercial sectors.

Paul has a great deal of experience working on projects in regional areas that require collaboration with various local authorities and stakeholders.

Paul believes in a highly collaborative design process. He is skilled at building rapport with consultants and contractors to achieve the best outcome for the client. He also enjoys working closely with his team as a lead designer and a mentor.

Paul has a keen interest in native vegetation. He draws upon the unique characteristics of a site, embracing the challenges it may impose on the project.