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Erin Dawson

Erin Dawson

Associate (Interior Designer) | Brisbane

Erin is passionate about creating spaces that people love and enjoy being in, and have a positive impact on their wellbeing. She has a talent for achieving elegant interior design solutions with finishes and detailing that delights the user, with a creative approach to pragmatic spatial and material requirements.

For over 5 years Erin has contributed to a range of our significant aged care, education and cultural projects. She also gained experience outside of our practice working in the residential, multi-residential, commercial and tertiary education sectors.

Erin has the skills and experience to lead the interior design of projects during all phases, from client briefing to contract administration. She exercises her creativity during concept design, and applies her technical knowledge during construction documentation.

Erin believes that all environments should be designed with thoughtful consideration of their cultural and environmental context and heritage. She endeavors to understand from clients and users the essence of a place, organisation or community, and weave this into the aesthetics and functionality of a space.