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John Wesley Gardens

144 Bed Residential Aged Care Community


Wesley Mission Queensland


Geebung, QLD





John Wesley Gardens is a 144-bed modern care community sensitively nestled within a quiet residential neighbourhood. Surrounded by gardens and parklands, the campus has a focus on the wellbeing of the resident and their opportunities to engage in daily life.


Hayley Crofts
(Project Contact)

Michael Andrews
Erin Dawson
Olivia Di Pasquale
Sam Osborne
Doug Pountney
Neil Roberts

Michael Robertson
Kate Tempest
Mohit Thomas
Mark Trotter (L)
Robert Wesener

Every time I come for a visit, I may be rushed and feeling down but when that glass door opens I can feel the ambience of this magical place wash over me. When I pass on and go to heaven, I expect that heaven will be just like John Wesley Gardens.

Jan and Jim Lahey
Resident, John Wesley Gardens

John Wesley Gardens has been an important part of the Geebung landscape since the 1960s. This most recent development has replaced undersized and outmoded facilities that didn’t meet the Wesley Mission Queensland’s current model of care and also allowed an increase in the community from 90 to 144 residents.

Intensification of the site was beyond planning limitations and was challenging within a residential neighbourhood. Through meaningful consultation, the community were engaged in the planning process, and the final design response was embraced and approved by Council with many letters of support. Key to the success was the approach to providing service access to the site and the location of new buildings.

The prominent building on Halsmere Street is Montville Place; a community space featuring a café, reception and social spaces which welcome visitors, residents, neighbours, and connections with the wider community. It sits adjacent the classic A-frame 1960s Sanctuary, the only original building retained. The Sanctuary has been repurposed from its original use as a church, to a new staff training facility.

The residential component is arranged into four care communities, which are positioned in the gardens, and arranged around a pair of central courtyards. The external palette echoes the surrounding neighbourhood character. Every design decision endeavoured to support an environment in which our elders can have choice and autonomy, and feel welcome and respected.

Photographer: © Alicia Taylor  |  Plan: © Fulton Trotter Architects

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