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Residential Aged Care Community


Wesley Mission Queensland


Chermside, QLD





Parkview marked a significant shift in a model of care for Wesley Mission Queensland (WMQ). The result is a flourishing community that redefined institutional aged care.


Ryan Loveday
(Project Contact)

Angela Barbeler
Hayley Crofts
Lionel Kettler
Neil Roberts
Tanya Roth

Joanne Tenorio
Mark Trotter (L)
John Ward
Sam Weiler


2012 ACQ Sustainability Award  |   2011 ACAA National Building Award
2011 AIA QLD State Commendation  |   2011 AIA QLD Regional Commendation

Fulton Trotter Architects has set a new benchmark for aged care facilities. They have great expertise in residential aged care and the ability to navigate projects at the extreme end of complexity. We have recently commissioned them for another major project.

Geoff Batkin
Executive Director, Wesley Mission Queensland

Parkview is a new 144 bed aged care community in which the design and operation fully embraces the Eden Alternative™. This principle-based philosophy seeks to eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom in residential aged care.

Success of the facility is due to a strong and dedicated leadership group, who developed the vision and embarked on extensive consultation with us to explore and test both operational and design quality directions. Ensuing training, at all levels of management, has created a dedicated team and an empowering environment which has the residents at the heart.

The modern development is home to 4 residential communities. The decision to integrate residents living with dementia into each community was a  significant change to WMQ’s previous operations. Daily life is supported through a new community therapy centre, spa facilities, café and several civic gathering spaces.

Resident spaces have strong connections to landscape, natural light and natural ventilation. Support services routes were considered and designed to be discreet to maintain resident dignity and wellbeing.

Fulton Trotter Architects were really collaborative during the design process and I formed a very close relationship with them. With Parkview they’ve definitely shown what’s possible with aged care accommodation standards. Residents, families and staff are so overcome to enter a place with such beautiful light and space.

Annie Gibney
Director of Residential Aged Care, Wesley Mission Queensland

Photographer: © John Mills  |  Section + Plan: © Fulton Trotter Architects

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