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Calvary Leadership College

Building Upgrade


The Calvary Leadership College


Townsville, QLD





The Calvary Leadership College has strengthened the church community by providing contemporary, welcoming spaces that have enriched the congregation’s education and worship experience.


John Hay
(Project Contact)

Belinda Campbell
Olivia Di Pasquale
James Kenny
James Lewis

Richelle Lonergan
Tanya Roth
Paul Trotter (L)


2018 Master Builders Award – Best Community Facility

The Calvary Leadership College is a new development that is an organisational and physical extension to the Calvary Christian Church. The church was founded in Townsville in 1924 and is now a large and influential church that meets in multiple locations across Australia and South Africa.

The college was founded to accommodate the growing need for space where people can engage in Christian-focused training, study and gathering. Fulton Trotter Architects’ previous involvement with the associated Calvary Christian College provided a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the community.

The project consists of a significant extension of the existing church auditorium, in the form of a new foyer, 2 cafés, offices, meetings spaces, and training facilities. The foyer is a double height, light-filled space with an abundant, live green wall – an appropriately inspiring entry for church goers. The 2 cafés have two specific uses and two distinct aesthetics. One is light and modern to attract church attendees and families, and the other is subdued with an edgy aesthetic, designed specifically for students and teenagers to socialise and study.

Photographer: © John Hay

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