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Wally Tate
Sports Park



Brisbane City Council


Runcorn, QLD





Wally Tate Sports Park Cricket Club and Change Facilities forms the vibrant central node within a dynamic precinct of public parkland, encouraging engagement and interaction between a number of South Brisbane community groups.


Paul Sekava
(Project Contact)

Angela Barbeler
Erin Dawson

Tom McCosker
Scott J Moore

Wally Tate Sports Park
Wally Tate Sports Park

In collaboration with a large design team, Fulton Trotter Architects designed and delivered a Cricket Club, Change Facilities and Public Amenities as part of the Wally Tate Park upgrade project. Initiated by Brisbane City Council (BCC), this project has improved the park by enhancing the existing facilities and providing more opportunities for interaction and social connection for a range of park users and visitors.

Extensive consultation with various user groups identified a number of conflicting agendas of various community groups who frequent the park. These varying needs and desires were incorporated into the design solution in a way that not only satisfied but exceeded user requirements.

Three single storey pavilions, that draw upon the traditions and rituals of the game of cricket, informed an optimal layout and field proximity while also responding to the uniqueness of the site.

The use of climatically passive design principles ensured that the suite of spaces are able to be utilised all year-round. This was a key value add given the seasonal aspect of the game and the Southeast Queensland weather.

Unique ecological factors were carefully considered, including the nesting habits of the Rainbow Bee-eater bird. This influenced decisions over the buildings’ siting/position and construction was scheduled to cause minimal disruption to the local wildlife.

Our thorough interrogation and understanding of our client’s needs and briefing requirements resulted in BCC further engaging our team to develop a design briefing tool for their future clubhouses.

Video: © Place Design Group
Images: © John Hay
Renders: © Fulton Trotter Architects

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