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St Mary’s Cathedral College

New Learning Centre and Amenity Building Upgrade


St Mary’s Cathedral College


Sydney CBD, NSW


Learning Centre: $2.6M
Amenity Building Upgrade: $500k approx


Learning Centre: 2018
Amenity Building Upgrade: 2023

St Mary’s Cathedral College is a coeducational Catholic School for approx. 770 students ranging from Yr 3 – 12. Located in Sydney’s CBD, the school is sheltered close to St Mary’s Cathedral and steeped in rich tradition.

Fulton Trotter Architects were engaged to to refurbish and transform the existing school library, as well as upgrade the toilet amenities.


Greg Isaac
(Project Lead)


Alison Sheil
Bonnie Sivertsen
Erin Dawson
Jimmy He
Joanne Tenorio

Katerina Dracopoulos
Mark Trotter
Mrugaja Karandikar
Sally Lynch

Interior of St Mary's Cathedral College in Sydney with red booth seating and a shelf with books.

Amenity building upgrades

As part of an ongoing program of upgrades and refurbishments at the school, Fulton Trotter Architects were engaged to undertake an audit of the existing toilet areas and design upgrades to improve the facilities as well as providing a high dependency toilet facility.

The project included the provision of additional facilities to cater for an increased population, as well as modifications to ensure compliance with current code requirements and improve student supervision.

The works created a fresh and inviting facility that were carried out within the context of the highly restricted inner-city site and were completed in 2023 while the school remained operational.

Learning Centre

In close collaboration and extensive consultation with the executive team, staff and students, Fulton Trotter Architects helped the school re-imagine their library into a Learning Centre that is an agile, flexible and an inspiring 21st Century learning space.

Fulton Trotter Architects were engaged to undertake the complete replacement of an existing library, transforming the space into a more functional and pleasant facility that also included additional teaching spaces.

The building now provides a wide range of flexible learning areas including:

– Open teaching spaces
– An inspiration space
– Chill-out zones
– Special needs space
– Booths and meeting spaces for groups.
– Separate seminar spaces, meeting and small group discussion spaces, group study.

Completed in 2018, the result is a dramatic re-use of the existing space in a 1980s building. The acoustically treated spaces allow for quiet reading, study and reflection. This modern and vibrant, new Library has become one of the most popular spaces in the school.

Heritage stain glass windows in St Marys Cathedral College
Grey carpet and a bi-fold door to section the library into a general learning centre at St Marys Cathedral College
Navy chairs and a green ceiling are visible inside the new St Marys Cathedral College by Fulton Trotter Architects.
Wooden shelves create a central focus point in the library at St Marys Cathedral college

Photographer: © Jimmy He

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