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After a successful Forum event in Brisbane, Fulton Trotter Architects held a roundtable discussion with industry leaders on design-led responses to unlocking land value last week at our Surry Hills office in Sydney.

A roundtable discussion on land value at a recent Fulton Trotter Forum event in Sydney.

Shining the light on a relevant topic for many in the built environment sector, the afternoon was a chance to connect, network and discuss ways organisations can utilise their existing assets or sites and maximise the land potential.

Urbanist and Former NSW Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport, the Hon. Rob Stokes joined Fulton Trotter Architects Director, John Ward and town planner and Director of Beam Planning, Michael Rowe to discuss the topic further. The roundtable discussion also saw smaller groups develop to brainstorm, collaborate and unpack potential opportunities and barriers to accessing land value.

Director John Ward provided a design-led approach with practical examples of sites including integrated functions to unlock further land potential. Additionally, experienced town planner, Michael Rowe provided an example of a design that innovatively articulated a façade to ensure a tall structure didn’t reduce sunlight, instead helping aid the environment around it.

Conversely, Rob Stokes noted the history of land exclusion, discussing the differences in how Indigenous Australians traditionally viewed land as custodians rather than owners and asked guests to consider land inclusions, not exclusions.

Fulton Trotter Architects Director, John Ward said the Forum was an interesting topic for attendees looking to tackle the scarcity of land challenge.

“At the moment we’re seeing large increases in population that are putting increased pressure on infrastructure and services, such as schools, hospitals and particularly accommodation and housing in metropolitan areas like Sydney,” he said.

“The Forum was a chance to come together with industry leaders and clients to discuss how we can create cost-effective ways to unlock land value.”

Following each presenter, guests discussed the topic in greater detail within their smaller groups before enjoying canapes and drinks well into the afternoon.

The Fulton Trotter Forum is held twice a year by Fulton Trotter Architects for industry personnel to promote emerging ideas and thought leadership.